- Starting from Finder to more advanced apps like Pages and iMovie; ask questions about any native application on your computer, tablet or phone.

- Receive 1 on 1 personal training on any device. 

Home Networking (Single & Multiple devices)

- Connect a single or MUltiple devices to

  • Wireless devices (Time Capsules, Airports, Routers, Printers)
  • Streaming TV (Apple TV, Roku, Google Chrome)
  • Gaming Consoles (Wii, Xbox, Playstation)
  • Receivers / Sound Bars / Speakers 


  • Software Installations
  • Hard Drive Backups - External (Wired &Wireless)


  • Forgotten Password
  • Lost files and media
  • Application Corruption
  • Software Issues - Startup Drive 

Video and Slideshow Production

  • Video

    •  Cropping, Stabilization, Audio Correction, Editing, Video Conversion, HD 1080P resolution

    • Audio - Stock music provided or personal music editing


  • Slideshow

    • Cropping, Resolution, Photo Editing and Scanning, HD 1080P Resolution
    • Audio - Stock music provided or personal music editing

Conversions - Analog to Digital (DVDs, CDs and photos into digital media)

  • Photos - .75¢ for each (albums kept in same order)

  • DVDs - $5 dollars each (artwork included if available)

  • CDs - $2.50 each (artwork included if available)
  • Vinyls - $25 each, package deal for more than 12 

*Hard drive can be purchased if requested*

*tutoring prices apply to 5 boroughs, Long Island and Westchester prices differ.